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Mark - Army: “I had done well as an 0-6 and would have been very happy at $150K. A base of $215 was far more than I expected.”


Joe - Air Force: “I had confidence in your team and their ability to understand and relate to my situation.”


Andrew - Navy: “Having five companies to negotiate with was challenging but very successful.”


Al - Navy: “Changing careers is a challenge. I am happy I selected your service.”    
Jeff - Coast Guard: “I was shooting for 110K. I got 135K.”  
Gary - Air Force: “Unbelievable! It was more opportunity and more money than I ever expected.
Shelia - Army: “Resume selected out of 220 based on content and formats.” 
Chris - Marine Corps: “ From Iceland to California in the field of my choice.”   
Niketa - Army: “This is perfect and it only took three weeks.”   
Hans - Navy: I saved time, money, and peace of mind.
Mike - Army: "Your approaches worked and the hard work paid off.” 
David - Air Force: “I never could have done this on my own.” 
Will - Navy: “I wish I had contacted you two years ago.”                   

Spencer - Marine Corps: “This is a perfect job and the money is fantastic.”