Al's Job Search

Al knew he had time upon retirement to find the right job but he had two concerns.

First, he wanted to remain in the highly competitive San Diego area but was concerned that military personnel were plentiful in competition for the top jobs.

Second, he was not sure what that top job should be.

Realizing that getting the best information available was a professional approach, he turned to the military leaders in career transitioning, David Griswold & Associates.

Al’s consultant focused Al in the senior areas of General Management. Utilizing tested formats that would transition Al’s military achievements into upper management in the private sector, a resume was developed that sold value and opened doors.

Al was trained on proper interviewing techniques and became confident in selling value. At the same time he was in training, the research department was obtaining opportunities in his area and location of interest. Al began interviewing in San Diego.

Two offers were very promising and Al worked with his consultant on negotiating techniques.

The offer Al favored was an excellent company but they were unwilling to negotiate beyond their first offers. Again, Al worked closely with his consultant. The company that said they would not negotiate-did! Al was offered a bonus incentive and a signing bonus. Al accepted.

 "The process of changing careers can be a real challenge. I am happy I selected your firm to assist me in the process. It was a great investment."