Chris's Job Search

Chris was stationed in Iceland with less than 6 months remaining when he realized he had a problem. He would need a job to support his young family and how would that happen located in Iceland. He turned to the professionals at David Griswold & Associates.

Chris had enjoyed his assignment as Public Affairs Officer and wanted to use that experience in the private sector. Materials were developed that sold Public Relations and strategies were created that Chris would utilize in targeting California which was his location of choice.

Next, Chris was put through intensive interviewing work in order to sell his ideas on Public Relations, which was difficult since his experience was limited to military assignments. With help from the staff, Chris was able to build the bridge from military to civilian in a way that got interests from companies. The campaign had started.

With assistance from the research department, Chris targeted opportunities in the California area. Interviews were established and Chris was able to travel to California. The timing was perfect. He had offers. Now came the best part. Chris was excited about a start up company that wanted Chris to head up the entire PR division. But they did not know what to offer him.

Chris had never negotiated for any job much less a start up opportunity. Turning to his consultant, Chris asked, “What should I ask for?” A figure was developed based on responsibilities and the tremendous potential of the product. Chris nearly fainted. “Can I ask for that much?” “Yes you can” was the reply! Chris followed the negotiations formats and the company agreed to everything plus they wanted him to become a partner in the firm.

“It is perfect. The job, the location, the opportunity, the people I will work with, and the salary package is way beyond what I would have expected. Your firm did an outstanding job. Thank you.”