Shelia's Job Search

Shelia was leaving the Army but unsure of what to do. Like many military officers, she had held many assignments but was concerned that some of them would not translate into the private sector. In addition, she did not want to relocate 

Shelia’s consultant reviewed her tests, studied the analysis of information, and consulted with staff members regarding industry options. In addition, research was conducted on companies and organizations in Shelia selected city. The medical field was selected.

Next materials were developed to support the objective and Shelia was coached on presentations of skills to support the identified targets. Shelia became confident and excited.

Shelia was offered a position as a contractor to a large medical facility. It was a perfect fit. She then turned to her consultant for negotiation help. After listening to negotiations strategies, Shelia moved the offer by $4,000 and increased the benefits to include a three-month salary review, which should increase the offer by $5,000.
“I was told my resume was selected out of 220 based on content and formats. I never could have done this in such a short period of time. Your service was wonderful, and I look forward to applying what I have learned.”