Joe's Job Search

As an 0-8, Joe could have retied to a comfortable life style. He did not want to retire. How much golf can you play was his comment adding I want to contribute and be able to build on my retirement.

Focus was the first priority. Exactly what would Joe do? He had been a leader in strategic planning, and had been in positions in operations, finance, logistics, and technology. This led to uncertain as to which field to pursue.

One thing that is stressed at DG&A is to make the most of strengths that are unique in the marketplace. While there are many people who excel in operations, finance, and technology; few excel in all three areas. Joe did and that was the key.

Materials were written that highlighted his ability to utilize state of the art technology system combines with knowledge and experience in finance to enhance operations along with the growing opportunities in logistics.

Companies were interested and industry leaders contacted Joe. They covered a wide range of leaders in consulting, logistics, technology and even retailing.

Research was supplied and discussed centered on the pos and cons of each industry. Interviews produced offers and each offer was examined to fit the needs Joe had indicated were most important.

The winning company was a very well know leader in the field of technology. The belief was this company was not only well established but has to potential to grow in developing areas of technology and business.

The package was including both performance bonuses and stock options and that meet Joe’s goals.


“Your approach works. A combination of marketing approaches and by working together we were able to uncover a number of offers and select the one that best fits my needs. I highly recommend your service which is far more advanced that what the government offers.”