Will's Job Search

Will had retired from the Navy as a Senior Captain, and thought it would be easy to find a job. He looked in the want ads and went on interviews. He was so overqualified no one would even consider him. Then he sent his “military” resume to companies; he never heard back. Time moved on. Two years later, Will had no job, no offers, and his confidence had been shattered. From a six figure military income, he was down to seeking 30 to 40 thousands dollar positions when he came to David Griswold & Associates. 

First, Will’s consultant worked with the team to focus Will in areas that would be supported by his experience and education. Materials were developed that supported the focus. This was critical and changed to entire conduct of the campaign.

Next, Will needed to increase his confidence after two years of negative experiences. The training materials helped along with conversations with his consultant. However, the real confidence boost came from the results.

Will began to have real interviews with executives who offered legitimate job opportunities. Immediately his confidence was restored and Will became the military leader he had always been.

Will was offered a position that was perfect for the focus that had been developed. Now came the negotiations. Will was ready to accept anything but his consultant advised him to sell value and utilize the training he had received. It worked. Will was offered a position with a salary of $150,000. He accepted.
“It is hard to believe it happened so fast. I wish I had contacted you two years ago. I never thought I would make this much money. Thank you and the entire team.”