Gary's Job Search

“Unbelievable! It was more of an opportunity and more money than I ever expected. The support was great.” Gary has just accepted a new career position with a leading defense contractor. It had been an interesting time.

Gary became a client of David Griswold & Associates prior to leaving the Air Force. Then he was extended. He went back into combat. But he was not alone. While he was serving our country, his David Griswold & Associates team was working on opportunities so that he would have them ready when he returned from overseas.

A year later, Gary was back in the states, still in the Air Force, and ready to start looking for his next career. Gary followed the marketing plan and made contacts utilizing the prepared materials. He had offers. One was very interesting.

It was a good salary at $110,000 and Gary wanted to accept. However, his consultant had reservations. It was a very one-sided agreement and had no protection for Gary in the event of a policy change. His consultant told him not to take it.

“I could not believe I was turning this down when I would have settled for $110,000 prior to working with you.” It proved to be a good decision.

Three weeks later another offer came through. After initial negotiations and a rewrite of parts of the agreement, Gary accepted at $154,000, which was $44,000 over the other offer.


“What impressed me the most was you stayed with me. I never could have done this on my own. I believe your company was directly responsible for the salary increase. My decision to work with your firm was the best I have ever made.”