Hans's Job Search

Hans had nine months to go before he was to get out of the Navy, and he was getting worried. He wanted to live in Boston but was concerned that it is a very competitive market. Far worse, he was not sure what he could do. He spoke Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish but how would that help the job search? Realizing a mistake could cost a great deal of time and money, he turned to the professionals at David Griswold & Associates.

First, Hans was tested and evaluated so that his strengths, skills, experience, and education could be best utilized. Next, time was spent to establish areas of interests that would match his background. A focus was established.

Marketing materials were written that supported his goals and research was developed to target appropriate targets in Boston. Han’s interviewing skills were improved and Hans was taught how to sell value and control an interview. The campaign was launched.

Hans had many military assignments in his last six months of duty and adjustments were made to accommodate his situation. Hans was able to have interviews around his schedule.

An offer was made that Hans really liked in the energy field. It was a perfect fit. At this point, the David Griswold & Associates team assisted with the negotiations and was able to position one offer against another. It paid off.

Hans accepted the offer of his choice at $13,000 over the original offer.

“I never could have done this while still serving in the Navy. By using your service, I have saved time, money and peace of mind. I highly recommend your service.”