Andrew's Job Search

As a Navy Captain with extensive experience in the security field, Andrew was not worried about finding a job. In fact, he had two pending offers when he met David Griswold & Associates at a job fair.

After discussions, Andrew saw value in working with the team at DG&A to increase his opportunities and offers. Materials were developed and contacts were made. Three more companies joined in expressing interest.

Now it became a matter of what was most important. While income was a major factor, it was not the only one. Location, type of work required, flexibility of ours, who he would be working with and reporting practices were all factors. Also, government contractors versus private sector positions were considered.

In-depth research on each company provided by our staff was extremely helpful. Companies were examined allowing Andrew to have a better understanding of their past performance and projected revenues. Industry reputations were another factor.

After many discussions, it came down to two very well know companies. Both were good and both offered good packages. Perhaps most important, both really wanted him on their team. Thus, the bidding increased. The final package was a base plus performance bonus of $202,000 and a stock package of $100,000. Andrew accepted.

“Having more than one company make an offer made all the difference. It allowed for more open and honest negotiations and one that produced a better result. Many thanks.”