Mike's Job Search

Mike had a very impressive military career and commanded multiple international operations. He knew he had skills and experience that would benefit an employer but there was a serious problem.

Most of Mike’s work was highly classified and the resume he had written was unable to mention most of his assignments. As a result, Mike’s resume was not being well received in the private sector. Frustrated and running out of time, Mike turned to David Griswold & Associates.

In review of Mike’s leadership abilities coupled with his superb organization skills, our staff selected the focus of General Management. Mike agreed.

Next materials were written that sold general management skills without having to reveal confidential information. Research was developed to target large corporate companies in the areas of Mike’s choice, and a marketing plan was written.

Mike began to receive offers and interviewed a number of well-known and successful corporations. Mike had listened to the tapes and worked with his consultant to sell value. The training paid off. Mike was offered 4 opportunists and elected to accept the position of President for a large international firm. He negotiated a significant increase with an outstanding benefit package.
“This is an excellent opportunity and a great company to work for in my area of the country. Your approaches worked and the hard work paid off. Thanks for your help and support.”