Mark's Job Search

Retired from the Army, Mark wanted to remain in the North Virginia area. While he was well versed in operations, Mark’s real enjoyment was in training. The challenge was how to obtain that opportunity and meet his financial requirements.

In discussing Mark’s goals among the staff, it was determined that a traditional training company would not meet his expectations. However, if a consulting firm was contacted that would allow for training and evaluating challenges, that would meet the employment goals as well as the income goals.

Several firms showed interest. One offered a great package, but it was out of country and Mark had children in school and was a determined to remain in the area.

Another firm offered a very good opportunity, but there were concerns regarding the length of project and what would happen once the project was completed. Mark stated he did not want to be looking for another job in a year.

The winning offer was from a smaller consulting firm, well-known in the area. Their offer exceeded Mark’s expectations, and the work was exactly what he was seeing in terms of challenges and rewards.

“Working with a group of professionals makes a real difference in terms of industry knowledge and how to proceed. I could not have handled the negotiations with the same level of confidence; which made a significant difference in the results.”