Spencer's Job Search

Spencer had excellent credentials when he left the military. He had obtained a PhD, a Masters, and an undergraduate-all in different fields. He had been published on many topics and had a diversified military career from infantry to medic, to personnel and as a Behavioral Science Officer. And that was precisely the problem. Spencer’s background was so diverse, people were confused as to what he could do and thus he was not receiving any offers. Frustrated and concerned, he sought the professional services of David Griswold & Associates.

The first challenge and the most important was to focus Spencer into a particular field. After reviewing the testing, analysis, and educational achievements, it was deemed consulting would be the best selection as it combined his education with his varied background.

The next step was to select a field of endeavor that would incorporate consulting and pay a six-figure amount. Research was gathered to provide options. Spencer targeted training in the international theater. He was excited but unsure of how to present his skills. A combination functional/chronology resume was developed with the education section highlighted. It worked!

Spencer was interviewed for a key position in Singapore and utilizing the interviewing training, sold value, and was offered a position. Now came the exciting part.

Spencer had no idea what the positioned paid and would have accepted 70 to 80 thousand. However, his consultant had trained him on techniques and Spencer received the offer at over $200,000. He then worked with his consultant to extend the time to 18 months with a possible renewal. The total price was $330,000 or $220,000 per year.


“This is a perfect job to utilize all my military and educational training-and the money is fantastic. I highly recommend your service. If the people implement the program, it cannot fail. Please thank the entire staff for a great job.”