Jeff's Job Search

Jeff was stationed in Florida and had 6 months to serve prior to leaving the Coast Guard. He wanted to live in Missouri and was facing a problem. His Coast Guard career revolved around security on the water and there would not be any similar challenges in his area of choice. Realizing he needed to transfer fields, he elected to seek the services of David Griswold & Associates.

After reviewing his tests and the analysis put forth in the assigned materials, Jeff’s consultant elected to target the field of Operations. Materials were designed that reflected his accomplishments in a way that was transferable to his new target.

Research was completed and the results targeted opportunities in Missouri that would apply to Jeff’s background. A plan to target these companies was developed.

Next, Jeff had to be trained on interviewing techniques so he could sell value to a new employer. It was hard work with a career change but Jeff proved to be a good student. Jeff began to have interviews-ALL WHILE HE WAS STILL IN THE MILITARY. The timing was perfect.

Upon leaving the military, Jeff had two offers lined up and was able to negotiate an increase. He accepted.


“When I joined your firm, I was seeking a position at $110,000. To secure a package at $135,000 is outstanding. I never could have done all this while still serving, and I never would have gotten this much money. Your service really helped me, and my family is grateful for getting us the location of our choice.”