David's Job Search

David was faced with two challenges as he considered his job search. First, he was isolated at a remote base and second as a divorced parent with three children, he had no time for a professional search. Realizing his situation, he turned to the professionals at David Griswold & Associates.

David has built an excellent career in the Air Force supported by very good schools. However, like many senior officers, he had been placed in multiple assignments and his background was hard for the private sector to understand. The first step was to develop new materials that would market David to the right position.

Next, David identified his target market and research was complied that would support the established goals. While the research was being developed, David worked with his consultant to improve his interviewing techniques and sell value in support of the objective. The practice paid off.

David had interviews lined up as he prepared for his change of command ceremonies. The interviews went well. David had three offers in the first two weeks and a total of five.

“Here is really where your support paid off” David told his consultant. “Together we evaluated each opportunity and negotiated to improve the offers”. Four of the companies increased their offers. Again, David relied on the professionals. The company selected was very well established and offered more growth opportunities. David was extremely pleased.
“In my situation, I never could have done this on my own. You saved me time and money not to mention receiving a much better job than I thought possible. Going with your firm was a smart move that really paid off.”