Transition Services for Those Committed to Success


Veterans Helping Veterans

For over 30 years David Griswold & Associates has helped thousands of military personnel
transition to new jobs. Your success determines our success.



“In my 30 year career, I am convinced that over 90% of all service members, regardless of their title, rank, or position, entertain serious doubts when facing transitions and unemployment. These doubts can be crippling. However, I also believe everyone has dreams and those dreams reach out for fulfillment. Providing the resources and counseling to turn "Doubts Into Dreams" has become my life’s work and has provided tremendous satisfaction and rewards to those who have given so much to our country.”
~David Griswold



      • We know the military job market by industry, size, location, and North American Index Classification System (NAICS) codes
      • Our research team uncovers selected opportunities
      • We contact recruiters and job postings for you
      • We prepare you to obtain and control the interview
      • We negotiate the best salary package for you
      • We develop all required marketing materials