About us

David Griswold & Associates, founded by David Griswold, who entered the field of Career Management in 1979. Working with many of the industry leaders at a time of unparalleled growth, David became skilled in employing innovative methods coupled with practical applications to build and advance thousands of careers. From young men and women just entering the work force to senior executives making significant six-figure packages, David perfected a consulting method combined with his unique communication style that produced award-winning results.


In 1982, David formed David Griswold & Associates with the help of military veterans. DGA concentrated on assisting men and women who have served our country to transition into high paying positions. David built consulting teams skilled in assessments, research, creative marketing, and job campaign strategies. In thirty years, these teams led by David consulted with over 10,000 individuals and delivered seminars to over 25,000 men and women. They motivated and directed people from all walks of life to advance within their organizations, change career fields, start businesses, return to a corporate environment, and create new jobs. This vast experience allowed David to profile successful careers and identify certain fundamental principles of success that he shares with transitioning veterans.

Upon graduation from college, David served in the United States Marine Corps. He attained the rank of Captain and was decorated for bravery during service in Vietnam. All David Griswold & Associates consultants have served in the military.

David Griswold & Associates is a member of the Professional Resume Writing and Research Association (PRWRA) and the Career Masters Institute and has earned the prestigious Credentialed Career Master (CCM) designation.

David stated:

“In my 30 year career, I am convinced that over 90% of all service members regardless of their title, rank, or position, entertain serious doubts when facing transitions and unemployment. These doubts can be crippling. However, I believe also everyone has dreams and those dreams reach out for fulfillment. Providing the resources and counseling to turn Doubts Into Dreams has become my life’s work and has provided tremendous satisfaction and rewards to those who have given so much to our country.”